Eating Well


How to lose fat if you need to

11 Feb 2019

Every party season, love, dread and fear of food and weight gain fill the air! Topping our complicated relationship with food is fat; so delicious and so bad. Or is it? Relax. Here are the facts on fat.

Fat fact #1

People don’t become fat by eating fat. People become fat by overeating, whether carbohydrates, protein or fats. There is no scientific evidence that shows dietary fat is solely to blame for people being overweight or obese.

Fat fact #2

Going on a low-fat diet will not lead to weight loss if you don’t reduce the amount of food that you eat. It’s your daily total calorie intake that matters. Your body converts whatever unused energy from food into fat that it stores for future use. (And to lose it, you have to use it.)

Fat fact #3

Restricting your intake of fat and calories will not lead to long-term weight reduction if you don’t exercise. In other words, eat the amount you need for your basal metabolism (what your body needs to function) plus your level of physical activity.

Fat fact #4

Fat is the most efficient fuel for your body. It contains the most calories per gram, compared with carbohydrates and proteins. You can eat less if you eat food that has fat.

Fat fact #5

If you go on a high-fat diet, you’re unlikely to put on weight if you don’t exceed the recommended daily amount of calories for your height and weight. Just be sure to stay active.

Fat fact #6

People on a low-fat diet instead could end up putting on weight by overeating carbs (especially sugar) to compensate for the lack of satiety after a meal. Fat is what gives food its richness.

So, yes, go to the party. You’ve worked hard. Give yourself a break and celebrate life. You could even have some full-cream dessert (preferably organic). If you’ve had your workout. Pay it forward!