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The new year gives us a chance to reinvigorate our zest for fitness. Particularly if we have had to endure physical and mental challenges that may have resulted in failure to achieve fitness goals which were set last year. Here are a few tips on how we can get the better of these challenges to become healthier and stronger versions of ourselves this brand new year.

06 Jan 2020

Try Something New

The factors behind why we end up not adhering to specific fitness resolutions that were previously set vary for every individual. For some, it could be because a workout was unable to challenge their bodies the way they desired. For others, it could be because the intensity of a workout was too taxing, resulting in inability to cope with the physical demands of an exercise. One way in which you can overcome either one of these physical challenges this new year would be to introduce change.


BODYATTACK is a high-energy, full body workout which is suitable for everyone, from beginners to frequent gym-goers. It combines athletic moves such as running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. It is accompanied by energising and uplifting music, which will motivate you to improve coordination, agility and functional fitness. If you are just starting out, you will be provided with low-impact options that are tailored to suit your fitness level.

Overcome Procrastination

Another factor as to why we would have not been able to accomplish last year’s fitness goals is due to the structure of a workout being too repetitive. Because of this, we end up putting off workouts instead of performing them, which stunts our attainment of physical and mental benefits for overall wellbeing.

Do away with last year’s dull workouts by incorporating a fitness routine which gets you up and moving. One of the ways in which you can overcome putting off a workout could be through one that is dance-based. Belly dancing is a Middle-Eastern inspired dance class that will teach you how to use your hips to shape and tone your core. You will experience switches between slow and fast movements to increase your heart rate and burn calories. Over time, you will be able to develop a strong core and sense of empowerment.

.Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Stop Doubting Yourself

A mental challenge which could have prevented us from realising last year’s fitness resolutions is self-doubt. This is particularly common with individuals who rarely work out, or those who have hit a plateau with a certain workout. These negative situations could create a sense of doubt about being able to take their fitness routines up one level.


An ideal way to overcome this challenge is to start slow and take your time with progress. It is also vital that you be aware of how your body reacts to exercises. A full-body barbell workout will target all your major muscle groups by using light to moderate weights to perform a high number of repetitions. This will enable your body to develop lean, athletic muscle. Combined with pumping music and instructors who are able to encourage you through a workout, you will be able to tone and shape your entire body, without adding bulk. This workout will also improve core strength and bone health.

Break Through the Pain

Withstanding the pain which comes with a workout can be an extremely gruelling physical challenge to brave through for certain individuals. Especially so when waking up every morning during the recovery period with sore muscles. This soreness is what sometimes causes people to quit working out abruptly. Fortunately, there are some fitness routines which aid in alleviating pain, apart from promoting mindfulness and total wellbeing improvement.

Incorporating advanced flow yoga will challenge your limits with a series of moves which include demanding postures and inversions. It will enable you to expand current limiting beliefs about the human body’s capabilities, improve discipline and determination, and develop a higher level of autonomy.


Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Face Your Insecurities

If you have not been to a gym to work out before, your first time can be an uncomfortable experience, particularly in relation to the use of fitness equipment. The only way to break through the chains of insecurity is to ask. Most of the time, the gym staff, trainers and other gym-goers are likely to assist you.


You can also overcome your gym insecurities by joining a group boxing class. This class will teach you how to execute the correct boxing techniques to improve coordination and strength. Sparring and shadow boxing sessions with other group members will utilise multiple punching techniques in a variety of combinations. It will result in you feeling stronger, more empowered, and receiving a boost to your cardiovascular health.


Coming out on top over physical and mental challenges is the cornerstone to achieving your fitness resolutions for this new year. And if you can practice consistency, be disciplined and constantly pursue exciting workouts as part of your fitness routine, you are on your way to achieve all the goals you have set come year end.