Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership



When you partner with Fitness First, you're not simply joining a gym. Our aims stretch beyond helping people get fit and stay fit. We provide you and your team with the dedicated support, guidance, and expertise you need to get more out of both life and work.

With Fitness First, you can be confident you are trained and guided by the best in fitness. Having spent 23 years helping people become more active and healthier, today we are the world's leading health and fitness company.

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Go Further at Work

  • Increase energy, performance and productivity, leading to a more positive work environment
  • Improved morale, with engaged teams throughout the company
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve overall health, reducing sick leaves and absenteeism
  • All this makes it an attractive and practical perk to be a part of your organisation

Go Further in Life

  • Experience increased energy to tackle your day-to-day life outside of the office
  • Move pain-free and regain your mobility
  • Improve overall health, mood, and wellbeing
  • Increased confidence by looking good and feeling great
  • Develop a more positive outlook in life and the mental toughness to face challenges

Health and Fitness Assessments

Find out how fit and healthy you are. We provide FREE Health and Fitness assessments, including BMI, Body Fat, Blood Preasure, and Flexibility measurements so that you know where you are specifically. Our Fitness Experts will then advise you on what you should do to improve your health and fitness.


Enjoy an all-encompassing mind and body experience. Our fitness leaders will speak to you and your team about fitness and how you can improve your life both in and out of the office. With Fitness First as your dedicated fitness partner, you can be confident that you are being trained and guided by the experts.  



We know a good team consists of lots of different personalities and skills. Our Team Training will challenge and engage you and your team, strengthen bonds between team members and providing that extra bit of motivation and towards your fitness goals as a team.


We make fitness accessible to everyone and offer a variety of group training classes, strength training and cardio equipment. We know that with the right balance of guidance, technology and equipment everyone can find a formula that suits them and their lifestyle. So no matter what your age, fitness level, and preference is, you will be sure to discover your own way towards your health and fitness goals.


Keep track of how you are doing with periodic reports and reassessments. We monitor your progress and participation to give you that nudge in the right direction when you need it.
Be sure to also make use of our fitness technology and services to easily keep track of your fitness progress and make sure you are moving towards your goals.


Corporate Membership Enquiries

If you’re interested in your employees becoming members, want to take up your company’s offer or have a question about an existing corporate membership account, fill in the form on the right to get started.

Corporate Membership Enquiries


“Productivity and camaraderie have never been better. Healthier lifestyles mean more positive disposition that's beneficial to our team members personally and professionally.”
John Tey – Country Manager,
Orbium Philippines

“We can feel the Serotinin “Happy Hormones” in the office. More and more people looking after their fitness level and the food they eat. Fitness is now a lifestyle and not just a hobby.”
Loudette Anne M. Zoilo – Head, Human Resources,
Metro Pacific Investments Corporation