Witness their transformation this February 2017!

NYAA 2017

The New You Achievement Award (NYAA) is an acknowledgement and celebration of outstanding human achievement. No matter how small your story is, you have made a difference in your life and achieved your goal and we want to celebrate it with you.
Life doesn't need to have big drama to be worthy of note, it already is full enough of little but poignant personal ones. Everyone's story is drama in itself: from the moment you take a deep breath, fight the crowd of voices in your head that scream 'i can't do that', 'it's not possible' 'I must be crazy' and decide to change your life, to the moment you actually get that heart rate up and start moving.

We understand how much courage it takes to take action towards a goal, so share with us your story, big or small, and you just might find yourself nominated for the award. Your story is important, it will help inspire others and give hope to all.