Mr. Rynly Da-Arol,
NYAA 2017 Overall Winner

Top 10 Finalists

  1. Audrey

  2. “I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of four. This disease has limited my learning and comprehension during junior high. On November 1, 2010, my seizure attack came back after 10 years. I was advised to stop all physical activities. I coped by eating which made me obese. I was reintroduced to Fitness First by my brother. With careful training from my trainer, Mr. Dheng Cruz, I was able to get back to being fit the right way. I have somewhat overcome the debilitating effects of seizure through renewed physical strength and enhanced social life.”

    1. Rynly

    2. “3 years ago, I lost myself to illegal drugs. I had low self-esteem and I was unhappy about my life and taking illegal drugs helped me feel good about myself. When I had my annual physical exam, I was told that I was very unhealthy due to my vices. Worse, I also found out that my younger brother was also becoming a drug addict. It was a wakeup call for me. As the older brother, I needed to be a role model. God showed an opportunity for me to change my habits when I was given a health and wellness benefit by my employer which I used to enroll in Fitness First. Over the past year, Fitness First became my rehabilitation centre. I managed to replace my addiction to illegal drugs to working out and eating healthy. I gained a lot of friends inside the gym. I’ve been more efficient with my work and I am now closer to my family.”

    1. Tricia

    2. “I was stress eating to compensate for the stress of working 13 hours a day. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with high levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. I received a lot of harsh comments regarding my body weight and I felt that people overlooked my hard work just because of how I look. I was advised by my doctor to start losing weight or else I will be more prone to life-threatening conditions and won’t be able to bear children. I eventually enrolled to Fitness First by the end of 2015 and although it was hard, I kept on pushing myself to my limits because I knew that my health is on the line. After months of working out and eating healthy, my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels normalised. I was able to pursue trekking, running and boxing. My life has been more exciting and I feel better with my own body.”

    1. Jesusa

    2. “At 51 years old, I weighed 254lbs and was suffering from degenerative Arthritis. As I was getting older, I was also getting heavier and bigger. I even developed a fear of escalators. I was constantly bullied. My life as a whole was limited. I could not take it any longer, so I decided to prioritise my health and my body even if it means setting my professional career aside. I enrolled at Fitness First and started going to work. Although there were lots of criticisms and sarcastic comments about my decision, I did not quit. My trainer, Mr. Wilson Pascual, patiently kept on pushing me towards my progress. In about a year, I lost a total of 140lbs. Everyone was delighted on this transformation most specially my husband who said he’s very happy he can now wrap his arms around me when he embraces me. I’m no longer afraid of escalators and the bullying stopped. I started joining marathons and finally started living my life to the fullest.” 

  1. John

  2. “As an unemployed nursing graduate, I did not know what to do with my life. I was an underweight 22 year old with no clear-cut direction where my life will lead to. I resorted to alcohol to forget my frustrations. About a year go, I became friends with last year’s NYAA winner, Mr. Demo Valmores. I was never serious about fitness, specially when my priority was to make a living. I observed that he seemed like he’s got his life in place and so when he invited me to work out with him, I did not hesitate. I found out that working out gave him clarity. From then on, I decided to explore the world of fitness and became a regular member at Fitness First. I started working out seriously with my trainer, Mr. Earl Navarro. I am now 165lbs healthy. This has opened up opportunities for me such as being a personal trainer myself and getting offers for casting calls for product endorsements. I realised I do not need to be limiting myself to working in a hospital as a nurse but I can also be a fitness instructor and prevent people from being patients.”

  1. Paolo

  2. “I did not care about my body. I’ve been overweight for most of my life anyway. I ate what I wanted to, not even thinking whether the food was healthy or not. I was a fan of fast food and rice was my best friend. I was also allergic to exercise. After getting a blood chem test about two years ago, I became so worried because the results were off the charts. I also started suffering from gout. These sudden attacks were really painful that I had to miss some of my classes because of it. On top of all of that, I weighed 216lbs and was constantly being picked on by random people. These health issues made me realise that I don’t want to continue living this kind of life anymore. My brother later on introduced me to Fitness First and group exercise classes. Although it was extremely hard at first, I later on became addicted to all classes not just because I was significantly losing weight but also I was being surrounded by good company. I lost almost 70lbs and was able to explore other physical activities. What I have achieved right now has greatly affected my life in a positive way. People now see what I have achieved as a proof that hard work and discipline really pays off.”

  1. Charles

  2. “My motivation to get fit started when my uncle’s life ended. To say that I lived an unhealthy lifestyle for the past 30 years would be an understatement. Needless to say, I weighed 339lbs. I came from a family with a history of obesity and diabetes. Three years ago, my beloved uncle, whom I treat as my second father, died of complications from diabetes. It broke my heart. I mourned for months. After a while, it made me realise that I do not want to die like that, I don’t want my family to see me suffer like my uncle. So I enrolled to Fitness First. I worked out six times a week and gave no excuses. With patience and guidance from my trainer, Ms. Cheryl Dy, I lost 163lbs. I no longer take medications and I can now walk without feeling pain from my knees and feet. I can now run and jump and I go out of the house a lot more. My family and friends were very inspired because of this incredible transformation and now I work out with some of them every day.” 

    1. Mirben

    2. “I was tired of being called the ‘fat kid’. I was obese at 15 years old and was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Ever since I was young, people would comment on my weight. Some would do it out of concern, while some would do it to be mean. I pretended to be okay and ignored all their comments about my body, but deep inside it killed me. When my doctor told me that I have a high risk of having a heart disease and I had a fatty liver, I knew I had to do something. I started eating healthy and being more consistent with my work outs. I cooked my own meals to make sure that everything that goes into my body is clean. I challenged myself and persevered even amidst difficult circumstances. I did not take short cuts and did it right. As a result, my weight has now normalised and I am now a size Small, something I never thought was possible. The best thing about changing my physique was that I was able to prove to myself that I can do it and that hard work does pay off. Furthermore, being able to inspire others to make a change is something I take pride in as well. In the end, it’s really our choice if we want to make a change.

    1. Gio

    2. “The success of my business has taken my health in return. In 2010, I put up my own events production company. Managing an event takes a lot of careful planning, coordination and multi-tasking. It was very stressful. While executing successful events, I started to develop unhealthy habits that led me to gain weight with high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. I realised that all the success that I have achieved will be nothing if I don’t take care of myself. I started to launch a fitness challenge program within my company to also encourage my employees to be fit. Doing the challenge together made our team more supportive of each other. Collectively, we’ve lost 210 lbs. As a result, we’ve become more pro-active at work and in our personal lives.” 

    1. Josh

    2. “I’ve tried most diet programs at the age of 17 and still found myself struggling to be healthy. I was obese, unhappy and depressed. I was diagnosed with hypertension, fatty liver and was borderline diabetic. By December 2013, I needed to undergo a shockwave procedure to remove the stones in my kidneys. I weighed 292lbs and was at the lowest point of my life. When I finally had the strength to make fitness a priority, that was when my life changed for the better. I worked out 3-5 times a week with my trainers, Mr. Algreen Carlos and Mr. Marwin Tatad and allowed me to lose 85lbs in 9months. My family and friends were very supportive throughout the process. Losing a lot of weight and living a healthy lifestyle opened up opportunities for me to try out surfing and trekking and even run a marathon. On top of all that, I’ve become a fitspiration to a lot of people. Being able to help people put fitness first in their lives has been very fulfilling.”


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